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  • October 24, 2019
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Board Governance in Times of Change - Developing Leadership for Collaboration:  A three-part learning series for governors and EDs/CEOs at the 2019 OCSA CommunityConnect conference

These insightful 1-hour sessions, led by Sylvia Cheuy from the Tamarack Institute, will provide practical skills, strategic advice and useful tools for governors and CEOs/EDs in the the following three distinct, but interrelated workshops:

Board Readiness for Collaboration
10:15 am to 11:15 am

In an environment where there is incredible pressure to work together, organizations can feel compelled to commit to collaborations before they have established the readiness to strategically assess opportunities and make informed decisions. Building organizational readiness will help you to identify promising potential partners, articulate your organization’s value-add and clearly identify the intended benefits you want from collaboration.

In this session you will consider your organization’s readiness to collaborate and access tools and resources that can be used by your Board and staff leaders to:

  • Assess the skills, knowledge and unique value that your organization can bring to an Ontario Health Team;
  • Build consensus on the benefits your organization would want to achieve through collaboration; 
  • Articulate the principles and values that your organization would want to guide how collaborative partners work together; and, 
  • Identify and articulate any constraints that might affect your organization’s capacity to collaborate.  

Leveraging Collaborative Leadership
11:30 am to 12:30 pm

How can your Board and staff leaders work collaboratively to lead your organization through the system transformation required to create Ontario Health Teams?  

This session will explore the capacities of adaptive leadership which are particularly valuable at navigating during times of uncertainty and change.  The importance of cultivating systems leadership will also be highlighted.  You will be introduced to, and have an opportunity to apply, tools and resources designed to translate these essential leadership concepts into action on the journey to create Ontario Health Teams.

Topics to be explored include:

  • How to lead during uncertain times;
  • How the Board and CEO/ED can work together to leverage potential collaboration opportunities; and,
  • How collaboration can help address long-standing systems issues in ways that can strengthen the impact of your organization’s programs. 

Cultivating Shared Leadership: Engaging the Wisdom of Clients, Volunteers and Donors
2 pm to 3 pm

The Ontario Health Team transformation is intended to put the needs of everyday Ontarians front and centre. Considering why and how to meaningfully inform and engage your clients, volunteers and donors to provide input into the Ontario Health Team’s development process does just that. 

This session will introduce simple tools and approaches that you can use to translate your leadership into action that will: 
  • Build awareness and understanding about the OHT opportunity; 
  • Gather input and build consensus towards a shared vision for OHTs; and, 
  • Cultivate a broader sense of shared leadership in support of a common agenda for change. 

Pricing: Conference registrants can attend in-person for free. For those who cannot attend in-person, we are live-streaming the session with the recordings available to purchase.

  • Conference delegatesIn-person live stream - Free 
  • Conference delegates: Copy of recording - $74
  • OCSA/CHO members who want to register for the live stream and get the recording: $169
  • Non-members who want to register for both the live stream and get the recording - $249

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